3 Reasons To Rent A Jeep For Your Park Vacation

Posted on: 31 January 2022


Vacations spent immersed in the natural wonders of national parks and forests, or simply exploring the vast wilderness areas in the Mountain West, can be a great way to unwind and relax. Of course, your normal weekday car may not be up to the task of taking you on the vacation adventure of your dreams. The good news is that you can rent the right vehicle so that you can enjoy a trip of epic proportions. 

1. Travel Off the Beaten Track

In a standard two wheel drive passenger car you are limited on range. You can stay on the main paved roads and hit all the busiest and most crowded tourist destinations, but that's the limit. Any trips further into nature can require many miles of hiking. 

A Jeep rental changes all of that. Jeeps are ideal overlanding vehicles that feature four wheel drive, a higher clearance, and wide frame to better tackle rough conditions. With a Jeep you can travel back country roads and rough tracks to get to those destinations that few tourists ever see.

2. Save Money On Transportation

Although a Jeep for off road adventuring can cost more than renting a standard passenger car, in the long run it can save you quite a bit of cash. If your goal is to use the Jeep to get to back country camping sites, which are often cheap or free, you will notice how much you save in site and room fees.

You can also save because you can take your vacation anywhere without having to pay for "back country tours" or joining up with other tourists  for shared transportation to more remote locations. With your own rental Jeep, you decide where and when to tour, which saves you both time and money when it comes to designing your own perfect trip.

3. Ensure Safety In All Conditions

Safety is of paramount concern when you will be traveling off the main roads in more remote areas. Chances are you want a newer model vehicle that has been made or modified for more extreme conditions. A Jeep is a safer choice compared to trying to take your old passenger car on the adventure.

Further, rental adventure Jeeps are also typically outfitted with many other safety features, such as onboard satellite tracking in the event you are lost or injured. You can also use a Jeep as a covered base camp in the event something doesn't go exactly right on your trip.

Contact a Jeep rental dealer like Rim Rocker Adventures if you are ready to start planning your next vacation.