Should You Purchase Used Fleet Trucks?

Posted on: 14 May 2021


Do you need to build or add to your fleet as the business expands? The biggest consideration will be the budget at your disposal. If your business is young and the budget tight, you might not have much flexibility in purchasing new trucks. You could look at used fleet trucks as a viable alternative. Fleet trucks are vehicles that have belonged to companies or organizations. Many companies turn their vehicles in after a few years. Some go out of business when the cars are still new. Can these used fleet trucks meet your expectations?

Service and Maintenance 

Unlike individual vehicles that are maintained and serviced depending on the owner's whims, fleets run on regulations. Many fleet managers schedule regular maintenance for their semi-trucks regardless of their state.

There is a good reason for fleet managers to keep their semi-trucks in good condition. A broken-down truck translates to a loss of money. It costs more when the truck is stalled than when it is on the road, so it is only sensible to ensure the trucks are always in good condition. 

This type of preventative maintenance is desirable because it catches problems before they become severe. Contrary to popular beliefs about used trucks, most used fleet used trucks remain in good condition because of regular service and maintenance. You can get used fleet semi-trucks in very good condition. 

Professional Care 

Fleet managers are very particular about the use of their semi-trucks. It is the reason they ensure the trucks are driven at specific speeds and follow specific routes. The trucks have tracking devices, and the drivers often undergo vehicle maintenance training.

Most fleet drivers are professionals who understand their handling of the vehicle entrusted to them counts a lot in their professional reputation. Many fleet drivers come to view their semi-trucks with fondness. You will buy semi-trucks that are in good condition. 

Vehicle History 

One downside of building a new fleet from scratch is that you are dealing with unknowns. It gets a bit tricky if you are dealing with a truck model unfamiliar to your drivers and the fleet manager.

Buying used fleet trucks is helpful in that you are buying into a known element. Each semi-truck comes with a comprehensive historical record. Past faults and service procedures are on record. You can see if a semi-truck has ever damaged a major component. You can estimate your fleet maintenance bill more accurately. 

Are you considering setting up a serviceable fleet on a tight budget? Talk to an automotive dealer about used fleet trucks near you.