Choosing New Wheels And Tires After Lifting Your Truck

Posted on: 4 July 2019


If you have recently installed a lift on your off-road truck, you may be looking to put new rims and larger tires on it as well. Larger tires will complete the look of a lifted truck, as sometimes the stock tires simply appear too small once you add a suspension lift. Here are some of the things that you need to know if you're considering buying new rims and tires for the first time.

Consider The Clearance

Your truck will be rated for certain sizes of tires in its stock condition. This is usually a small range, such as one size smaller through one size larger than what comes on the vehicle from the factory.

When you install a lift, you add ground clearance to the suspension. This increases the size of the tire that you can fit under the truck. However, you also need to consider the space you have underneath the wheel well. 

If you put larger tires on the truck, and those tires are much wider than the stock tire sizes, you may lose some turning radius because the tire could rub inside the wheel well. Make sure you know what sizes you can actually fit to avoid rubbing and eventual tire damage.

Know The Backspacing

Backspacing, also referred to as offset, is the space between the center point of the rim and the surface that mounts against the hub. It essentially refers to how far out the rim sits away from the hub. You need to know this backspacing when you order new rims to ensure that they will fit the truck properly.

Check The Bolt Pattern

Different off-road truck models have different wheel bolt patterns. This refers to the number and spacing of the lug bolts that mount to the wheel. You need to know exactly what the bolt pattern is for your wheel in order to choose new wheels that will fit properly.

For example, you may have wheels that have five lugs that are spaced 4.5 centimeters apart. Those are referred to as 5 on 4.5 wheels. Talk with your local tire and wheel sales specialist if you are not sure what your bolt pattern is.

Understand The Material

When you order new rims, especially for an off-road vehicle, you need to be selective about the material the rims are fabricated from. If they are crafted from a porous metal, they can actually seep air from your tires out of the rims, leading to low air pressure on a regular basis.

This can be dangerous on the trails. If your air pressure is dropping, it can affect grip and articulation. Make sure that you choose a wheel that is crafted from a nonporous metal for consistency. For more information on types and brands of wheels, such as ESR wheels, you can ask a local professional.