The Advantages Of A Home Petroleum Furnace For New Homeowners

Posted on: 3 March 2017


There are many different heating options that new homeowners can take after buying a new home. Petroleum furnaces are one that a growing number of people are considering. Here are a few advantages to installing one in a home.

Oil Is More Efficient

A petroleum heater has an expected lifespan of about 30 years or so, compared to the 15 year maximum of a natural gas furnace. What is even more surprising is that it is so much more efficient. Recent estimates claim that it is about 83-95 percent efficient to use petroleum heaters in a home. That kind of efficiency rating makes it a great choice for a new homeowner.

This is especially true if they are moving into a home that has an old and inefficient system which they can replace. Putting in a new petroleum heating system will help save them money and make it easier for them to pay their new home mortgage costs.

Prices Continue To Drop

One surprising trend that has been noticed in recent year is the dropping prices of home heating needs. In the last couple of years, costs have dropped by as much as 8-13 percent. What is making this major difference? Increasing warmth throughout the world. This increasing heat has helped homeowners save a lot of money on their heating needs.

And this is why petroleum is such a good choice. As a more fuel-efficient type, it can help homeowners save even more money than they would have otherwise. Even better, it can be kept around for extended periods of time, making it unnecessary to replace fuel if doesn't get used up during a specific month.

Installation Is Not Expensive

When it comes to installation, installing a new petroleum furnace is relatively inexpensive. For example, it is estimated that the average cost of a furnace replacement is currently about $4,000, with a range of $2,300 to $5,500 being typical costs. While these aren't small amounts of money, they aren't that expensive when you consider that an average furnace can last for a few decades.

A good petroleum furnace is an investment that many homeowners should consider for their heating needs. While the prices of petroleum may fluctuate slightly over time, they rarely get as high as gasoline heating products. As a result, it remains an inexpensive option for those who are looking to save money.

So if you are interested in a petroleum furnace and need help finding one, call a provider near you. They can give you an estimate of the exact price of installation and even an idea of how much regular petroleum use will cost. This is a good start to getting a great deal on home heating. Contact a company like Nelson Petroleum to learn more.